Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Season Of The Year For Niuean!

WALT: make a poem or a rap or a song and use the language of niuean as the main point.

Hello everyone and today I have finish another task and this is a language week and last it was the Niuean Language Week and we had to do a poem or a rap or a song we for one for their words for saying like the season for Summer its Vaha Manafa. What we did was a song and we didn't search it up, we made it up with my two best friends Brodie and Brandon and it was fun and sorry we couldn't get enough time to record it but hopefully you can record for your blogs for just enjoy the song.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Science Experiment

Hello guys and i'm back from a holiday and the first day we have start our new term with science experiment. The science experiment that we did was a water bottle rocket, our point of doing this was making the water bottle fly like a rocket using only vinegar and baking soda. I also did this task with my two buddies Mckoy and Niko.

 Here is our video of us doing the experiment.

Water Bottle Rocket from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

What if ? Key

WALT: show what if their was no rules in sports to show what kind of chaos would happen.

Hello everyone and here is another task finished, this is a thinker key task and I have currently done this task about sports and what effect with no rules.

TJ - Kiwi Sport Snag Golf Session

Hi everyone,

This morning on the 15th we have finished doing kiwi sport and it was amazing doing golf. Hugh was our instructor for our session. I know his name is Hugh but when you pronounced his name Huuug. We got into 10 groups of 3's & 4's. The first instruction was to get our partners and go to one of the targets with the tennis balls. We all have to take turns trying to get a target and say smek when you got a tennis ball stick on the target. Later we made it challenging by face own body where your good had is, so if you're right handed so you face right, if you're left handed so you face left and you roll the tennis ball like holding a cue.

Our 3rd in instruction was to make the hula hoop in front of the target mat and we had to try and stop the ball inside the hula hoop but before we were able to do that we had to do a special day for NZ and it was Shakeout so when we heard the alarm we had to Drop, Cover, Hold but we were out side so we Drop and Cover. Then we came back we started doing it and one of our partner had to do something for room 1 so we had to play with 2 players and I was with my friend Lolo. But we carry on playing and I beat him with 2 points, we just add points to make it really challenging.

Our last instruction was to take away the hula hoop and put the cones in front of the and aim inside the cones and it was horrible for my because I keep missing and Lolo got 8 points more in me. He beat me with a lot of points because my aiming was no good, I think I was tired so I sat down and just watch Lolo get most of his balls inside the cones, Lolo got bored so he wanted the target mat so I put replaced the cones with the target mats, I kept tricking with the cones and he was getting a little angry so I stop catching the ball with the cones but I was just having a little fun, later on Hugh or should I say Huuug told everyone to gather up and said goodbye to us and when we went upstairs I just realise that all we did was about golf practice how you need to line up your arm and when your swing it's straight.


SNAG GOLF from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Hauoras (Healths) In Games

WALT: write down your four health's about your favorite sport or game.

Hello everyone and today I have complete a task of my health. What this was all about it the four health's that we are all doing. The four health is Psychologistic Health, Spiritual Health, Physical Health and Family Health. In this task the four health will go onto the sport or game but I chose sport but which sport, the sport that I chose was basketball. So we basically had to chose a sport and show how does four health relate to your life of basketball.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Timeline of NRL.

Hello everyone and today I have complete a task of a timeline of a sport with my two friends, Lolo and Etai. The sport that we were doing is NRL. The reason why we did NRL is because we love playing league and we are currently playing for a club but I'm playing next year. I can't wait to play league and I was also inspired by my own brothers to play because the both play and it was so cool i'm playing with my two cousin. We all put a lot of effort into this task and hopefully you enjoyed.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

TJ - Whare Tapa Wha

Hello everyone and today I have completed a task and this was about me and about the 4 personally health of your self which was psychological health, spiritual health, physical health and family health.